QualityHealth Affiliate Program

The QualityHealth Affiliate Program is the smartest way to earn money while helping others save.

It's easy to get started, simple to maintain, and the rewards are generous. Here's the basic idea:

  • You provide your users with links to our site.
  • They come to our site and see all of our specially selected healthy offers for brand name products that consumers and their families use everyday.
  • All you need is a website and you're ready to join!

How it works

Start by completing our QualityHealth Affiliate Program application. Membership is absolutely free! Once approved, you can begin earning money instantly. Just visit our QualityHealth Affiliate Program Resource Center and choose the links you want to use on your Web site. How and where you position it on your site is up to you.

From there, we take care of everything. We'll handle processing the request, and fulfillment of any of the great samples the member selects. We'll even track the daily registrations your site generates and automatically pay you for each one! You just sit back and reap the rewards of the QualityHealth Affiliate Program.

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