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Salud mental mundial: datos y cifras

Tres de cada 10 enfermedades no mortales diagnosticadas son mentales, neurológicas o de abuso de sustancias, según datos de la Organización Mundial de la Salud.Los problemas emocionales pueden ocurrir desde muy temprano. Uno de cada cinco niños y adolescentes tiene un trastorno mental y a mitad de las dolencias surgen antes de cumplir los 14 años.El impacto de la salud mental en la calidad de vida es tan grande que las personas con trastornos mentales graves mueren entre 10 y 20 años antes que la población general.En este video compartimos otros datos importantes sobre la situación de la salud mental en el mundo.

Você já ouviu falar de terapia com cavalos?

Você conhece a equoterapia? O termo pode parecer novidade, mas ele refere-se a uma técnica utilizada há anos para tratar pacientes com depressão, autismo, síndrome de down, ou outros problemas psicólogicos, com o auxílio de cavalos.

Fight Winter Blues by Shifting Your Mindset

It's more important than ever to address seasonal depression, due to the pandemic. Playing 6 feet apart outside with others is much safer than playing inside in winter. Here are some tips for how to cope with seasonal depression, from Treepple Health News.

VÍDEO: Izabella Camargo fala sobre os efeitos da rotina na saúde mental: "Vivemos no mundo digital com cérebro analógico"

A pandemia do novo coronavírus alterou a forma de se viver. O trabalho invadiu as casas e muita gente tem sofrido crises de ansiedade e depressão. A jornalista Izabella Camargo conversa com o Yahoo sobre as consenquências da pandemia na saúde mental das pessoas: "No início da pandemia muitas pessoas reclamaram daquilo que sempre pediram: mais tempo. E quando se viram com mais tempo, se viram absolutamente perdidos"

Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is extremely common in the United States. Here are some tips for how to cope with it in a natural way, from Treepple Health News.

Virtual Reality Nature Boosts Positive Mood

Watching nature on television has been proven to increase mental health, but could virtual reality benefit us more? Here’s the latest, from Treepple Health News.

Find inner peace during chaotic times with the Kalm Zen Box

Finding serenity doesn’t have to feel like a luxury. The Kalm Zen Box is a kinetic sand kit for adults to find inner peace, even during a chaotic day.

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How to Safely Vote in Person this Year

Many Americans wish to vote in person at the upcoming election, and there are several things you can do to protect your health and safety. Here are some tips, from Treepple Health News.

How Companies can Improve Mental Health Working From Home

In 2020 we have seen a huge increase in working from home. With more screen time and less breaks, it can be difficult to maintain good mental health for employees. Here’s how companies are adapting, from Treepple Health News.

Mental Health Awareness Week

The first week in October is dedicated to increasing awareness and treatment for the millions of Americans struggling with mental health. Here’s how to help, from Treepple Health News.

Isolamento social pede atenção à saúde mental das crianças

Restrições provocadas pela pandemia estão gerando sintomas de ansiedade e depressão, além de outros problemas psicoemocionais em crianças e adolescentes. Em conversa com Fernando Rocha no 'É Normal', a pediatra Ana Escobar dá algumas orientações para manter a saúde mental dos pequenos.

Young People Experiencing Less Anxiety with Remote School

With many schools going online this year, learning is looking very different. How will this affect the mental health of our children? This and more, from Treepple Health News.

The Benefits of Placebos

Even though placebo pills do not have any active ingredients, they can still help patients have positive medical outcomes. Here's how, from Treepple Health News.

Sleep Related Myths

There is a lot of research out there surrounding sleep's relationship with health, and it can be difficult to determine what is true or not. Here's the facts, from Treepple Health News.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Have you ever wondered how people experience lucid dreaming? Here are some possible techniques for learning how, from Treepple Health News.

Lack of Sleep Messes with your Emotions

We all know getting enough sleep is important, but here is the scientific explanation to why your mood and productivity may be affected by sleep, from Treepple Health News.

New Study Could Change Our Understanding of Parkinson’s

Previously, researchers were unsure what causes Parkinson's disease, but a new study has shed light on the process. Here's the latest, from Treepple Health News.

Healthy News Consumption

Do you have healthy news consumption habits? In these uncertain times, news viewership is sky rocketing. Here's how to keep it under control while staying informed, from Treepple Health News.

Am I Experiencing Crisis Fatigue?

Many are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted during this global pandemic, and it can be easy to ignore these feelings. Treepple Health News explains what crisis fatigue is, and how to treat it.

Online Boxing, Yoga, or Ballet Could be Your New Favorite Workout

Are you getting bored of your at home workout routine? At Treepple Health News, we have put together a list of some creative online fitness classes you can use to get motivated again.

PTSD Awareness

Millions of Americans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but fortunately, there are many resources available to those who need them. For PTSD Awareness month, Treepple Health News has some tips on how to get help for yourself or a loved one.

Keeping Your Screen Time Healthy

We have so many screens easily accessible to us, from laptops to smartphones, and it's difficult to put them down. Here's some advice, from Treepple Health News, on how much and what kind of screen use is healthy.

How to Reduce Stress for Pregnant Women during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Advice from Treepple Personalized Health News for keeping stress and anxiety under control while expecting during quarantine.

How Stress Affects Communication

Your latest from Treepple Personalized Health News on how stress has been shown to impact communication skills.

How to Deal with Stress During Quarantine

Advice from Treepple Personalized Health News for keeping stress and anxiety under control while staying at home during quarantine.

High blood pressure leading cause of death worldwide

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Scientific health benefits of spring cleaning

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Sex of the baby not determined by family history

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Nearly a third of food is wasted

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Western diet may be decreasing sperm count

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