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The Heart-Healthy Benefits of Grapes

Read on for the reasons why this fabulous fruit is more than just your average snack.

Can Sudden Hearing Loss Predict Future Stroke Risk?

If you suddenly have trouble hearing in one or both ears, are you destined to suffer a stroke at some point in your future? Here's what the researchers are saying.

What Does a Heart Murmur Mean for Your Health?

How do you know if your murmur requires further medical attention?

How to Raise Your Good Cholesterol Naturally

Here, simple ways to improve your numbers with no medication necessary.

What Stem Cell Research Means for Heart Patients

Injecting adult bone marrow stem cells into skeletal muscle may even reverse heart failure, research shows.

Extra Weight May Benefit the Heart

Some studies show that in heavy patients who have cardiovascular disease, obesity may play a protective role. But is this recent realization an invitation to indulge?

Cholesterol Medicine: A New Asthma Treatment?

If you use statin therapy to manage high cholesterol and also happen to suffer from asthma, you could find that your breathing may benefit.

Guys: Are You at Risk for Stroke?

Health officials assert that cardiovascular disease is preventable in many cases. Find out if you re at risk for stroke and what you should or must do about it.

Expert Q&A: Lifestyle Modifications to Lower Blood Pressure

Cardiologist Merle Myerson, MD, EdD, FACC, answers a reader's question about lowering his blood pressure without the use of medication.

Listen to the Music: How Music Affects Heart Health

Music may be the fix your heart needs.

Cat Owners Have a Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Cuddle up with that fabulous feline of yours. New research shows that cat owners are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than non cat owners, according to the American Heart Association.

Tomato Pills for Heart Health

Can popping a tomato pill a day be good for your heart?

Be Aware of Your Heart Health

By staying vigilant you can ensure that any heart problem is caught in time.

Statin Drugs: A New Asthma Treatment?

Taking statin drugs are found to have an unintended benefit of helping some users who were on corticosteroid inhalers to improve their asthma.

The Link Between Heart Disease and Cancer

How are these most feared diseases related?

Fame, Fortune, and Heart Disease

Here's a collection of notable folks who are learning to live with and conquer heart disease.

Can Driving Cause Heart Attacks?

One of America s favorite pastimes driving could be linked to heart disease.

The Effects of Stress on the Heart

When the going gets rough, how bad does it tax the heart? Recent research provides some interesting answers.

Women and Heart Scans

Can this controversial yet useful technology one day knock heart disease from its spot as the leading killer of American women?

What to Do if You've Been Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure

Turn back the dial on your hypertension by following these tips.

The Latest Breakthroughs in Heart Health

Ripped from the headlines, here are a few recent topics that have the cardiology community abuzz.

The Latest Breakthroughs in Heart Health

Ripped from the headlines, here are a few recent topics that have the cardiology community abuzz.

The Importance of Stem Cell Research

Learn about how stem cell research can benefit various fields of medicine.

How to Control Hypertension

Learn effective ways to get your high blood pressure under control.

Heart Disease: Common Misdiagnosis

These conditions often have the same symptoms of heart attacks.

Alternative Medicines for Cholesterol

When your total cholesterol level climbs above 240, it s time to take action to decrease your risk for a stroke or a heart attack.

Panic Disorder and Heart Health

See how this disorder that affects 6 million Americans can be a burden to your heart.

When to Start Worrying About Your Cough

When is a cough more than just a cough?

Are You a Sugar Addict?

Sweet tooth or addiction? Find out for yourself.

The Top 4 Exercises for the Heart

Exercise of any kind is beneficial. Perform these specifically for a healthy heart.