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Mayo Clinic Minute: Flu Shot and Heart Attack

Even though this flu season may be off to a slower start than last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends all people over 6 months of age, with few exceptions, should get a vaccine. The truth is, the flu is not the only health problem the vaccine prevents; it may also help prevent heart attack and stroke.

Leeza Gibbons' Family Health Scare

Author and TV personality Leeza Gibbons shares the harrowing story of how she almost lost her father?and the one item that saved his life! To hear about Leeza's new book, Fierce Optimism , as well as her thoughts on former "Apprentice" boss, Donald Trump, click here.

Food Diaries

It reveals forgotten calories and hidden patterns that could be thwarting your work to trim extra pounds. In this Mayo Clinic Minute, Jeff Olsen explains why a food diary is being called the most important tool in your weight-loss efforts.

Sugar and Your Health

Regular consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages increase fat that accumulates around the middle, a new study finds.

The Civil War's Lasting Effects On Southern Health

Heart disease is the biggest killer in the United States, and statistics show that the vast majority of heart disease deaths happen in the southern states.

How to Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes

No one would blame you for abandoning your workout on a hectic, busy day. But when it takes just 10 minutes, and torches serious calories, like this routine from personal trainer Ngo Okafor does, it's worth finding a way to fit in the sweat session.

What Is a Silent Heart Attack?

You could suffer a heart attack and not even feel chest pain.

Symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest may not be so sudden, according to a new study.

Mayo Clinic Minute: The New Holiday Heart

It's the time of year when we often find ourselves at holiday parties where plenty of alcohol and high-fat foods are offered. Overindulging in spiked eggnog and rich buttery cookies can lead to more than indigestion. As Vivien Williams explains, it can lead to holiday heart.

Can Wearing a Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

Surgical breast specialist Kristi Funk weighs in on controversial claims that wearing a bra can cause breast cancer. Should you beware the common undergarment?

Viagra Is Saving This Little Girl's Life

Viagra- yes, THAT Viagra, is keeping a little girl with a heart defect alive.

Tasty Treat to Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease

ER physician Travis Stork reveals a surprising and delicious item from your kitchen that could help reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Find out what it is!

To Blot or Not to Blot Your Pizza?

ER physician Travis Stork answers the age old question of whether or not you should blot your pizza before eating it to remove excess grease.

Botox for a Healthy Heart?

The Doctors discuss how surgeons are using Botox to help treat atrial fibrillation in heart patients.

HPL Takes On: Heart Talk

Can you die of a broken heart? Can fear make your heart stop? What is heart disease and how does it manifest in men compared to women? Check out our conversations about heart health and what you need to know to keep your ticker in tip-top shape.

Study Links Sugary Drinks To Heart Failure

A new study determined something we already know: drinking sugary drinks is bad.

3 At-Home Treatments for Cold Sores

Approximately 60 percent of all people between the ages of 14 and 19 are infected with the herpes simplex 1 virus, which causes cold sores. ER physician Travis Stork shares three at-home remedies to help prevent and treat painful outbreaks.

The Surprising Reason You're Gaining Weight

The Doctors reveal which commonly used cosmetic product, which you probably are wearing right now, could be contributing to weight gain. Find out what it is!

7 Guys Perform a Testicular Self-Exam on Camera for a Good Cause

For Movember, we asked seven young guys to take their health into their own hands. Since testicular cancer is most common in men between 15-30 years, we wanted these men to understand the importance of performing routine self-exams at home. When detected early, testicular cancer is extremely curable, and doing a self-exam on camera is extremely awkward. See for yourself.

Dr. Elisa Port Tells Us What Will Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer

This will increase the risk of breast cancer

Psoriasis and Heart Disease Risk

People with more psoriasis may be at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Did Plastic Surgery Cause Reality Star's Mini Stroke?

The Doctors discuss news reports that 37-year-old Kim Zolciak, a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars," recently suffered a temporary loss of feeling on the left side of her body and loss of speech. They explain the potential causes and how you can reduce your risk.

How a Young Person Could Suffer a Stroke

One woman shares her harrowing story of suffering a stroke at age 38. Pfizer's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall explains the risk factors for stroke and when to seek medical attention.

Are Baseball Games Too Dangerous for Spectators?

The Doctors discuss whether professional baseball leagues should do more to prevent injuries to spectators at games.

Queen Latifah Discusses Her Mom's Battle With Heart Failure

Queen Latifah talks about her mother's battle with heart failure.

Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman Tells All About Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

In a web exclusive, Dr. Berman shares whether she's happy with the results of her vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

Dizziness and Heart Disease Risk

When is getting dizzy when you stand up a minor problem and when is it more serious?

Woman with Debilitating Condition Shares How Others React to Her

Amber, a young woman with muscular dystrophy, joins The Doctors to share how people react to her when she's dressed up as a doll compared to when she's not.

This Is Your Heart on Cocaine

The Doctors compare the heart of a long-term cocaine user with a healthy heart. Any questions?

Mobile Health Strategies for Heart Disease

Simple text messages may help improve heart disease risk factors.