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Cardiac Death Survivor Tells Her Tale

A fitness club manager helped save the life of a woman who had a heart attack during a racquetball match. Now, Nancy Miller is meeting the strangers who saved her for the first time. Mola Lenghi reports.

Newborn Baby Receives Heart Transplant

Newborn baby receives heart transplant to help solver a multitude of problems.

35 Year Old Suffers a Heart Attack

A young woman thought she was the picture of health she ate well, exercised and even ran marathons. But she didn't know she had a genetic predisposition to heart disease until she had a silent heart attack.

Heart Attack Victims Tend to Return to Hospital

Many of the nearly one million adults who suffer a heart attack will need to go back to the hospital within the first thirty days. Now a new study looks at the reasons why.

Life Saving AEDs Not Placed Well for Heart Attack Incidents

A majority of public heart attacks take place away from potentially life-saving AEDs.

How Drinking Wine Can Help Your Heart

While it's true drinking moderate amounts of any form of alcohol can help your heart, there's evidence that wine provides the biggest benefit.

Why Heart Attack Survivors Should Drink Moderately

Men who have survived a heart attack have a lower risk of death if they are moderate drinkers.

Study Links Air Pollution and Heart Disease

Researchers have linked air pollution to the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Blogger Receives Heart Transplant

Young blogger receives a heart after waiting nearly 6 months.

Half of Heart Patients Make Medication Errors After Discharge

Nearly half of heart patients will make a major medication error after they are discharged from the hospital, even when under a pharmacist's care.

High Salt Intake Is Associated with High Blood Pressure

A high-salt diet is associated with high blood pressure.

Diet Changes to Reduce Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Cholesterol and blood pressure levels may drop by changing the kind of oils used in cooking.

Heart Problems Pushed Me To Lose Weight

Dannii Martin explains to Nancy how heart problems motivated her to lose weight.

Cigarette Increases Risk of Sudden Death

A study suggests smoking just one cigarette a day increases the risk for sudden death.

Smocking Effects After a Stroke

Studies have shown that smoking after a stroke affects cognitive functions.

Nicotine Vaccine Might Have Been Found

Researchers have created a nicotine vaccine that works in mice, but we are still somewhat far from human trials.

New Medical Tools

New medical tools allow doctors to share test results in a variety of ways.

Most Obese Children Are at Risk for Heart Disease

Two thirds of severely obese children have at least one risk factor for heart disease.

Mitral Valve Prolapse

Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. David Greuner explains the relatively common heart condition, mitral valve prolapse.

Girl Born with Her Heart Outside Her Body May Go Home

A baby girl was born with her heart outside of her chest. Her chances of survival were slim, but after life-saving surgery, Baby Audrina may be able to go home with her family. Rachel McNeill reports.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea May Increase Risk of Heart Disease

People with obstructive sleep apnea may have the same risk as diabetics when it comes to heart disease.

EKGs in Ambulances Will Save Lives

EKGs in ambulances can transmit information to the hospital so the doctors can see the information right on their phones before patients even arrive.

CPR Appears the Best Saving Lives Practice

Even with CPR using chest compressions only, no rescue breathing, it appears to be the best way to keep cardiac arrest patients alive until paramedics arrive.

Young Man's Donated Heart Saves a Life

After son passed away, parents found some comfort in knowing his heart would be donated to save a life.

Shoveling Snow Could Increase Risk of Heart Attacks

Shoveling that snow-packed driveway may increase the risk of heart attacks for some people.

Hillary Clinton Continues to Recover from the Blood Clot

Anne Thompson reports that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in the hospital recovering from a blood clot to her head.

Calcium Supplements Could Lead to Heart Attack

New research shows calcium supplements may cause more harm than good. A study found patients who took calcium pills regularly were 86% more likely to have a heart attack than those who did not.

Man With No Heart Walked Out of the Hospital

A man with no heart was able to walk out of the hospital... and be home for the holidays. Dr. Bruce Hensel reports.

Man With No Heart Walked Out of the Hospital

A man with no heart was able to walk out of the hospital... and be home for the holidays. Dr. Bruce Hensel reports.

Tapping Therapy Helps Heart Attack Patients

"Emotional Freedom Therapy" or "Tapping Therapy", a method that's seen success with PTSD patients, is now being used to help cardiac patients recover from the trauma of having a heart attack.