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Has Beth Lost Her Sex Drive for Good?

Beth, 36, is married with three children. After the premature birth of her second child, Beth says she was not able to feel anything during sex. She reveals to The Doctors what it's like to live with this very common problem: a lack of sex drive.

Finding the Source of Beth's Lack of Sex Drive

Family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman team up to find the cause of a mom's lost sex drive.

Beth's Sex Drive Makeover

The Doctors reveal the causes behind a mom's lack of sexual feeling and offer solutions to give her back her mojo.

An Infertility Doctor Who Struggled with Infertility

Dr. Ku, an infertility doctor, talks about his personal struggle with infertility.

To Know to Get Your Husband Checked Sooner

Jennifer talks about how male factor infertility impacted her and her husband's path to parenthood.

There's No Ending to the Story

Keiko and Larry, together since they were 15, talk about how it's not always so easy to get pregnant.

Men Need to Talk About Infertility

Greg, author of How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup, talks about the difficulties and emotions of being an infertile man.

Talk About What Makes Sense for You

Erin and Brian talk about finding a practitioner who helped them conceive.

Anna's Infertility Story: "You're Not Broken; It's Not Your Fault"

Anna explains her shock when she found out that she was entering menopause at 33.

Carrie's Infertility Story: "IVF Doesn't Work for Everyone."

Carrie talks about how IVF didn't work after 3 rounds and shares the advice that helped her through it.

Fran's Infertility Story: "Let's Stick Together; You're Not Alone"

Fran talks about the ups and downs on her infertility journey and how it made her stronger.

Brenda's Infertility Story: "It's Okay Not to Have Kids"

Brenda explains the initial grief and loss she felt when her childhood dream of being a mother was broken and how she overcame it.

Molly's Infertility Story:"My Friends Had No Idea What I Was Going Through"

Molly talks about how hard it was to get friends and family to understand just how much she was going through.

Holly's Infertility Story: "Arm Yourself with the Facts"

Holly, author of The Baby Chase, opens up about her infertility journey and all the medical advances that anyone going through infertility should know about.

Jaime's Infertility Story: "It's Hard for Me to Attend Baby Showers"

Jaime opens up about the hurt she feels when hearing of baby showers and first steps from excited new parents as she continues on her journey to have children.

Christina's Infertility Story: "Appreciate the Journey"

Christina looks back at her struggles with infertility and reflects on how it made her appreciate her marriage and becoming a parent that much more.

Pamela's Infertility Story: "There's More Than One Happy Ending"

Pamela, author of Silent Sorority, shares how she learned to accept a life without children.

My Infertility Story: Getting to Grips with the Family I Have

Find out what one woman feels about the road she took to get to the family she has, even though it was not in the way she dreamed of.

Holly's Infertility Story: "We Shouldn't Suffer in Silence."

Holly chronicles her struggle with infertility and how sharing her story helped her and others to heal.

Rachel's Infertility Story: "Support Will Come from Unlikely Places"

Rachel explains that support and hope can be found in the most unlikely of places and the importance of holding onto it.

Rebecca's Infertility Story: "My Marriage Is Stronger"

Rebecca tells how infertility strengthened her marriage and her friendships.

Sue's Infertility Story: "IVF Isn't a One-Stop-Shop Solution"

Sue explains how holistic techniques helped fulfill her dream of giving birth to her own children after failed IVF attempts.

Tanya's Infertility Story: "Giving Yourself Injections Never Gets Easy"

Tanya talks about the painful reality of giving herself injections and the emotions behind it all.

Mara's Infertility Story: "I Didn't Need a Baby to Find Happiness."

Mara talks about how dealing with infertility for the last 7 years has prepped her to be an even better mom.

Cheri's Infertility Story: "It's an Emotional Rollercoaster"

Cheri recounts how after many failed attempts, she and her husband decided to stop trying.

Should You Use the Morning After Pill as Birth Control?

Family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross explains the benefits of hormonal birth control and how it differs from the morning after pill.

The "Sham-Gasm!"

New research suggests that almost 20 percent of men sometimes fake orgasms! Could your guy be one of them?

Bizarre in the ER: Erectile Dysfunction

Emergency medicine physician Dr. Armand Dorian shares bizarre stories from the E.R. Plus, learn the risk factors and treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Jennifer Berman Answers Questions About Women's Sexuality

Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman visited a group of college-age women to answer their questions about women's sexuality. What she didn't expect was to learn a few things herself about modern dating.

Top 8 Explosive Facts About Orgasms

Here is the sticky truth about orgasms.