August 8-14, 2013 - Original Health Articles

Improve Your Memory By "Getting a Grip"

A recent study indicates that improving your memory might be as simple as making a fist. Published in the journal PLOS ONE, this study states that unilateral hand clenching increases neuronal activity in the frontal lobe of the contralateral hemisphere.

Link Between Digestive Diseases and Migraines?

If you suffer from migraines, you might assume the problem is, literally, all in your head. But studies shed light on the possibility that your migraines are connected to celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder whose hallmark is destruction of the villi in the small intestine when gluten is eaten, as well as other digestive conditions.

Sustainable Seafood Best Bets

Here's why some fish are good for you, some not so good, and what you can do to enjoy safe and healthy seafood at home. Eating fish once or twice a week can do wonderful things for your heart and your health—if you choose the right types and prepare them in healthful ways.

Why That Rash? You Might Be Surprised

If you frequently get unexplanned itchy rashes or bumpy breakouts, consider these possible culprits. If you have sensitive skin, and often experience breakouts, you may have atopic dermatitis, or skin allergies. Dermatitis can result in a variety of skin problems, depending on what triggers your reaction.

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