December 8-14, 2008 - Original Health Articles

Healthy Teeth and Living Longer: What s the Connection?

As a kid, brushing your teeth may have seemed like a hassle, but as an adult, you should be aware of how important healthy teeth and gums really are. Oral health goes hand in hand with your overall health. Think of your mouth as a window to your body's health.

Most Married and Most Single Cities in America

Ever feel like everyone you know is married? Or perhaps you have the opposite sensation: that all your friends are single? Well, it might be more than just your imagination. It might have to do with where you live. According to statistics from the U.S.

Jacked Up Teeth: Five Dental Disasters

Let the dental disasters below be a warning. If you don’t take care of your smile, you could find yourself on a toothless road to ruin. We presented two dentists with five memorable mouths and asked them to assess the damage – both physical and financial – of neglect and bad genetics.

4 Biggest Holiday Health Myths—Exposed

Are the holidays really the happiest time of the year? Does everyone really gain at least five pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's? During a season ripe with fantasy, it can be hard to separate myths from reality. Here, we dispel four bogus holiday health myths.

5 Fabulous Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

If you were a child who often got gifts of socks and underwear, giving or receiving healthy holiday gifts may not sound much more exciting. Fortunately, these five gifts are not only good for the person receiving them, but they're better than tube socks.

Report Card: Health of the Nation

How healthy are you? No, really. Your health goes beyond having the sniffles, an upset stomach, or a strained muscle. What's the state of your overall health and well being? Well, if you're anything like most Americans, it's not great—and it's getting worse as more people are being diagnosed with diseases like diabetes and asthma, are exercising less, and are gaining more weight.

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