January 1-7, 2012 - Original Health Articles

Coping With Today's Work Climate

Not all stress is bad. In fact, some level of stress at the workplace is normal—even productive. Feeling stressed means you care and that can actually be motivating. Too much stress, however, can be counterproductive and have a negative impact on your emotional and physical well-being.

Runner's Diarrhea: Why It Happens, How to Avoid It

The symptoms are frequent loose bowel movements during or immediately after a run or other extreme exercise event. Sometimes an attack of "the runs" is so intense and comes on so fast that runners' have a hard time making it to the bathroom. What Causes Runner's Diarrhea? Doctors and scientists who specialize in sports medicine and gastroenterology aren't exactly sure what causes runner's diarrhea, but evidence does point to a couple of causes.

5 Pre-Bedtime Snack Ideas

If you feel like you need a little something in your stomach before you turn in for the night, you're far from alone. It's a good idea to make sure your appetite is satisfied before shutting the light, as you don't want hunger pangs waking you in the middle of the night.

The Link Between Your Headaches and the Weather

Many headache sufferers swear there's a link between their pain and the weather. Many doctors, however, disagree and think its nothing more than folklore. Now, studies are beginning to show a correlation between certain weather patterns and different types of headaches.

Men, Show More Emotion: It Makes You Healthier

Lack of emotion has long been considered a sign of strength. The most masculine—or macho—men don't reveal or discuss their feelings and are admired for their toughness. Real men don't ask for directions, don't go to the doctor, and rarely (if ever) shed a tear.

7 Things You Shouldn't Do to Your Hair

We all want our hair to look healthy and beautiful. But most of us don't realize how easy it is to over-do the steps we take to make our hair look great. Here are eight common mistakes and tips to keep your hair under control. Over-Washing. Most people don't need to wash their hair more than once or twice a week, but some wash it once or twice a day! Unless your hair is very oily, resist the urge to wash it too often.

How to Talk to Kids About Arthritis

When your arthritis pain flares up, your family life is disrupted and everyone is affected. Children may overhear conversations or simply notice a change in routine, and suspect that something is very wrong. On bad days, you may need to rely on family members, friends, or neighbors to do things with your children or grandchildren that you would normally do yourself.

Will Hypnotherapy Work For Your Insomnia?

Touted by some as a cure for all kinds of medical and behavioral problems, hypnotherapy or hypnosis is not always taken seriously. This is despite the fact that both the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association have given it their stamp of approval as a valid medical procedure.

DIY Blood Pressure Monitoring

Your doctor probably doesn't encourage a do-it-yourself approach to medical care generally. But one area where he's likely to make an exception is in monitoring your blood pressure. Research shows that averaging blood pressure readings you take at home with those taken by a physician can help determine whether you need to be on medication for high blood pressure.

Managing Diabetes Plus Celiac Disease

It's not uncommon to have both type 1 diabetes and celiac disease, both of which are autoimmune diseases (as are lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.) Both type 1 diabetes and celiac disease require an extra measure of dietary vigilance in order to stay healthy and feel good.

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