November 8-14, 2008 - Original Health Articles

How Will Obama's Victory Affect Your Health?

When Barack Obama was running for president, he promised change for this country. Among those changes were large reforms to health care. So, now that he's been elected, what does that mean for you? The answer depends on many factors, including whether you currently have insurance, whether you have children, whether you're covered by a government plan like Medicare or Medicaid, and if you've been diagnosed with an illness like cancer.

Best Reasons to Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to reflect on people and events you are grateful for, but this year, with so much bad news about home mortgages, increased heating prices, and the reality of job cuts, it may seem hard to find reasons to be thankful.

Are Brain Tumors on the Rise?

Both Senator Ted Kennedy and golfer Seve Ballesteros have undergone surgeries to remove brain tumors in recent months. The frightening diagnosis of a brain tumor is one that no one ever wants to hear. And, yet, it seems like it's becoming increasingly more common among people well-known and people unknown.

Is Your Beauty Routine Toxic?

We dye, paint, perfume, and spray with reckless abandon, but could our favorite beauty products be doing us more harm than good?  Dermatologist Jason R. Lupton weighs in with his list of the top six most dangerous ingredients. After reading this, you might want to start checking the labels of your favorite brands.

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