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The Best Muscle Building Foods

Trying hard to avoid being that infamous 98-pound weakling? Pumping iron will only get you so far. First, you need to increase your total intake of calories. The biggest returns come from filling up on muscle-building foods--those packed with proteins or amino acids, carbohydrates and other nutrients that are particularly beneficial to muscle development.

Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies

How many times have you heard the advice to eat your veggies?  Is it really that important?  Absolutely!  Veggies are high in beneficial vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients.  They're naturally low in calories, sodium and fat.

Vitamin C May Prevent Diabetes Damage

Don't run out and stock your medicine chest with it just yet, but some research shows that Vitamin C, when combined with insulin, stops blood vessel damage in patients with Type 1 diabetes. We had tested this theory on research models, but this is the first time anyone has shown the therapy's effectiveness in people," says Michael Ihnat, Ph.

The 7 Deadliest Sins of Dieting

Even if you're counting calories and eliminating fast food, you won't reach your goals if you fall victim to certain dieting blunders. Read on to uncover the seven deadly sins of dieting-and to ensure weight-loss success.  1. Depriving yourself.

7 Ways to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If your work involves repetitive motions, such as assembling products or typing at a keyboard, you're more at risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). It's a condition caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrist that results in symptoms such as pain, numbness and tingling in your hands and fingers.

Cinnamon for Diabetes

For those who are familiar with the diabetes diet, cinnamon is a large component. Research is suggesting that cinnamon may help control blood sugar in those with type 2 diabetes, but results so far have been mixed. Lab studies at the University of Georgia tested extracts from two dozen spices and herbs, and some findings suggest that generous amounts of cinnamon could be useful.

Autumn Asthma Management Tips

The arrival of autumn brings cooler temperatures, colorful leaves and trick or treating on Halloween. But do you also associate this time of year with a worsening of your asthma symptoms? Some asthmatics find that the changing weather typical of fall and early winter can be enough to trigger their condition.

Belly Fat Dangers for Men

Sure, abdominal fat isn't flattering, but that's the least of your worries. The amount of belly fat--and the type can lead to several health problems. There are two types of abdominal fat--subcutaneous fat lies just below the skin and on top of the abdominal muscles; visceral fat lies deep in your abdomen and wraps around internal organs.

Surprising Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

If you're like most parents, you want to be sure that your child gets enough sleep. A good night's sleep is essential to so many aspects of your child's everyday functioning, including physical and mental development, mood and general health.  But for children who suffer from the worrisome symptoms of sleep apnea, no matter how many hours a night they get, it often isn't enough to allow them to be their daytime best.

Can Spicy Foods Provide Natural Allergy Relief?

When you eat a particularly spicy meal, did you ever notice that it causes your nose to run? That's because the spice can actually serve as a natural decongestant. In fact, before you turn to allergy or cold medicines, you may want to try this all natural approach and forego some of the side effects that you might get with traditional medications.

Importance of Smoking Cessation Support Groups

Why should I participate in a support group? When you begin smoking, it becomes a big part of your life. Giving it up is very stressful. For many long-time smokers, quitting is a major life change. Support groups provide an avenue to share experiences with other people who know what it's like, and who have struggled with the same physical and emotional challenges that you have.

How Snoring Can Hurt Your Heart

If your partner is a snorer, you're all too familiar with this irritating habit. But did you know that in addition to be a nighttime nuisance, snoring can also be downright dangerous?  In fact, research suggests that heavy snoring may raise the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The 5 Biggest Health Issues for Men

There's no denying that men will do anything to avoid going to the doctor, even if they're facing some of the biggest health issues such as heart disease or stroke. The situation is even more dire if you're a middle-aged "macho man" and strongly idealize masculinity, according to a new study presented at the 104th annual meeting of the American Sociological Association.

Germ Prevention 101

Flu season is here again, and with the dangers of Swine Flu (H1N1 Flu) on the rise, preventing your children from getting sick is likely a higher priority than normal. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or formula that can help keep germs away--but there is an easy strategy you can implement immediately to help keep your children healthy.

6 Ways to Get Healthy Nails

Does it feel like your nails never get beyond a certain length? Most likely, your lifestyle habits or  genes are to blame. According to the Mayo Clinic, our nails grow about a millimeter every day. Nail growth occurs when new cells develop under your cuticle, causing old ones to harden and push out towards the end of your fingers.

Could You Have Endometriosis?

Pelvic pain, irregular bleeding, and infertility. These are the symptoms of endometriosis, a painful condition that affects 5 to 10 percent of all women. With endometriosis, cells from inside the uterus (the endometrium) grow outside where they don't belong.

Tips to Reduce Age Spots

Once you hit 40, years of UV overexposure may catch up with you in the form of age (a.k.a liver) spots on your hands, back, or face. These spots are caused by your skin over-producing melanin in an effort to protect itself from UV rays. While they're generally harmless, you don't have to live with them.

Don t Let Chronic Pain Ruin Your Sex Life

When you're living with chronic pain, it can put your sex life on pause. In some cases chronic pain is caused by a health problem such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or lupus, or, it may be caused by sex itself such as vaginal pain during intercourse. Also, pain medications can zap your sexual desire and make "not tonight honey" a standard refrain in your relationship.

Early Menopause May Double Stroke Risk

Women who have their last period before age 42 are two times more likely to have a stroke down the road than those who experience menopause later in life, according to a University of Michigan School of Public Health study.  Most women go through menopause, which is marked by completing one year without periods, at an average age of 51.

Common Fibromyalgia Misdiagnoses

Fibromyalgia is notoriously difficult to diagnose, even though it affects about 10 million Americans. The National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA) describes it as a complex chronic pain disorder. Unfortunately, there are currently no clinical tests to diagnose the condition and the NFA reports that it may take as long as five years for a patient to get a formal diagnosis.

Why Partners Cheat and What to Do About It

First, let's look at why most partners cheat. To feel connected to someone. Since cheating involves sexual intensity, the brain's love and attachment chemicals such as oxytocin and endorphin increase—which make you feel close. To feel appreciated and to matter to someone.

Fighting Partners and Their Health

No one's telling you to rush out and engage in a below-the-belt, no-holds-barred battle with your mate. But getting those mutual feelings of anger out in the open can have a beneficial effect on your health. The stress that is caused by unresolved anger can result in emotional and physical problems, says psychotherapist Joanne Stern.

Allergy-Proof Your Bedroom

Does it seem as if your allergy symptoms get worse at night when you try to sleep? If so, allergens trapped in your bedroom may be to blame for causing you to lie in bed awake. But you don't have to stay up until the sun comes up, sniffling, sneezing and itching.

Men and Women: How Emotions Are Perceived

Male versus female: It's definitely a gender thing when it comes to showing one's feelings. Men tend to hold their feelings close and be stoic while women tend to express themselves more openly. The bottom line, experts say, is that males and females are hardwired to respond differently.

A Daily Aspirin: Beneficial or Dangerous?

Aspirin-who knew it could be so powerful? For years, aspirin was touted as a quick, safe remedy for various aches, pains, and fever. But now doctors know that aspirin should be prescribed and used with caution. Why? Aside from muting minor discomforts, aspirin prevents your blood from clotting properly.

Knee Plug for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis causes the cartilage in joints to wear down over time. Unfortunately, this cartilage cannot repair itself. When left untreated treated, the damage increases the load, or burden, on the remaining cartilage, raising patients' risk of developing degenerative arthritis.

Cholesterol and Alzheimer's: What's the Link?

For years, researchers have known that elevated cholesterol is tied to a host of diseases and conditions, mostly related to the heart. But a recent study offered up a surprising finding: Even borderline high levels of cholesterol can predict whether or not someone will suffer from Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia as they age.

Battling Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the long days of summer fade away with the warm weather, many of us start to feel blue. But, that sinking feeling may not be just a normal reaction to the approaching chill of winter - for millions, it's a form of major depression called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

Lack of Sleep Increases Inflammation in Arthritis

Poor sleep also limits patients' ability to cope with their disease. This can be a vicious cycle in people with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Arthritis-related inflammation causes pain and stiffness, which interferes with sleep, which further aggravates inflammation.

Too Busy to Work Out? Try These Tips

The number one excuse of Americans who don't exercise: I'm just too busy. Health and fitness experts, however, aren't buying it.  So what are we so busy with?  Work, kids, hobbies, television, chores, friends; almost anything other than working out.

Depression May Up Your Risk for Alzheimer's Disease

If you suffer from depression you've probably noticed that your memory isn't as sharp as it used to be. Now, new research conducted at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) indicates that having these two conditions can increase a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

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