September 8-14, 2009 - Original Health Articles

Easy Ways to Eat More Fruit

Are you confused about fruit? Because many in the media have lumped fruits into the same nutrition category as candy, this has left some people unsure about fruits.  Eating fruit provides many health benefits including: Reduced risk for heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

What Does That Burning in Your Chest Mean?

Perhaps you're having difficulty swallowing food or liquid. Or maybe you have the sensation that food is caught in the middle of your chest, and that your chest is burning, and then it becomes a pain that radiates outward, to your arms, back, neck, and jaw.

Special Cases: The 9 Rarest Cancers

Farrah Fawcett lost her battle to anal cancer in June after a two-year, very public struggle. Her story and the accompanying media coverage raised awareness of this rare type of cancer. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) predicts 5,290 new cases of anal cancer in 2009.

Love Peppermint? What You Should Know

Heartburn relief comes in many forms. Whether you're committed to a low-fat diet, to staying upright after a meal, or to popping a few TUMS to combat a burning chest, there are multiple ways to halt the pain. And if those don't work, head into cyberspace, where you'll find dozens of blogs and message boards proclaiming to have found the magical heartburn relief.

Guys: Are You at Risk for Stroke?

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the country and a major contributing factor to disability. Every year there are approximately 600,000 strokes that cause about 158,000 deaths. For 2005, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that the cardiovascular disease would cost the U.

Baldness Treatments: 5 Surgical and Medicinal Options

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) reports that nearly 50 million men suffer from hereditary baldness or hair loss. Without a hair loss cure, millions of men are left to baldness treatments that range from the really effective to the ridiculous.

5 Tests for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wondering what that piercing pain, tingling in your fingers, numbness and weakness is? It's most likely caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that occurs when the median nerve in your forearm gets squeezed or compressed at the wrist. Tests can rule out other conditions.

When Pain and Fatigue Are Ruining Your Life

Millions of Americans battle chronic diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and cancer. Two common symptoms of these conditions are pain and fatigue --both take a massive toll on your life. They disrupt your sleep, interfere with daily activities, and force you to take time off from work.

Do Redheads Feel Pain More?

A study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association revealed that people with naturally red hair, or a gene called the melanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R) gene were much more likely to fear dental pain. They were also more likely to experience dental-care related anxiety and fear compared to people without red hair or the gene.

Diaper Rash Treatment: What You Should Know

Finding an angry red rash on your little's one delicate skin while changing his diaper can make you wonder if you've done something wrong.  But experts say that rashes are one of the most common ailments affecting children in their first few years of life-and usually aren't cause for concern.

Could You Be Allergic to Alcohol?

If you enjoy having a glass of wine with dinner or a few beers at happy hour, you're certainly not alone.  But have you ever found that even a small amount of alcohol causes you to have a negative reaction?  If so, you might have an alcohol intolerance.

The Dangers of Concussions

Every year about one million people are rushed to the emergency room with head injuries, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Head injuries are also referred to as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). The most common TBIs are concussions, which are the most minor as well.

Knee Ligament Injury Recovery

It doesn't take a basketball or football collision to cause a ligament injury of the knee- although you may prefer to tell such a tale. Simply stretching, stumbling or twisting in an odd way may be all it takes to do the damage. Medial cruciate ligament (MCL) injuries are the most common ligament injuries, and they can also result from overuse.

Does Menopause Have to Disrupt Your Life?

Million of women are going through "the change" and dealing with menopause symptoms that can last a long time. The four-to-six years leading up to your final period are called Perimenopause.  According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG), "Menopause happens around age 51, but every woman's body has its own timeline .

Can Snoring Ruin a Relationship?

If you lie awake at night as your partner saws the log, you're far from alone. Although snoring can affect anyone, it's most common in males and those who are overweight. According to the National Sleep Foundation, this nighttime disturbance affects 37 million Americans on a regular basis.

The Restorative Power of Catnapping

Have you ever watched a cat go through its daily routine? Chances are you've witnessed a lot of grooming, playing and chasing-and napping. In fact, cats sleep more than half of their lives away. But they don't slumber continuously for 16 hours. They sleep in long and short stretches through the day and night.

Daily Sex May Improve Sperm Quality

Frequent sexual activity improves the quality of a man's sperm and may even help couples conceive a baby, according to new research reported by Reuters. Genetic defects in men's sperm dropped significantly after they embarked on a regimen of daily sex, according to a study of men attending a fertility clinic.

How Can I Recover from My Relationship Slip-Ups?

Almost all of us have been in situations when we said or did the wrong thing.  You might feel the response coming on, but by then it's too late.  Your slip up behavior is already a runaway train.  Besides being embarrassed and ashamed, you worry about giving your date the wrong impression or hurting the feelings of your partner.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging for Breast Cancer

  Although it is not widely used, studies show digital infrared thermal imaging, or thermography, is more effective than mammography--the current gold standard for breast cancer screening. Thermography detects early changes in the breast that increase a woman's risk for developing breast cancer.

Can Stroke Run in Families?

There are many lifestyle factors that can up your risk of stroke as well as other cardiovascular problems-poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, just to name a few. But close examination of data from several long-term shows that stroke risk may also lie in your genes.

5 Hidden Sources of Trans Fat

Are you confused about trans fats?  If so, you're not alone. Trans fats, also known as trans fatty acids, have received a lot of press, but many people still don't understand exactly what they are or where they're hiding. You might be more familiar with another name for trans fats, which is "partially hydrogenated" oils or fats.

Dangers of Energy Drinks

Red Bull may give you wings, but apparently, it also increases your risk of several health problems including heart attack and stroke, according to an Australian study. The proliferation of booster beverages such as Red Bull, Rock Star and Monster on the market has health professionals and organizations calling for more warning labels about the dangers of energy drinks.

Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke: A Troublesome Trio

The numbers are a bit scary: two out of three people with diabetes will die from heart disease or stroke, reports the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Through their campaign Make the Link! Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke, the ADA and the American College of Cardiology are hoping to raise awareness of the connection between diabetes and heart disease.

The Mediterranean Diet and Asthma

As the popular saying goes, 'you are what you eat,' but did you realize that what you eat impacts how well you breathe as well as impacting how you feel? As a matter of fact, some of the latest research reveals that eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats is not only very good for you can actually improve your asthma symptoms as well.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Abatacept May Protect Against Flu

Flu activity is already heating up across the country, according to statistics from FluView, a weekly report published by the Centers for Disease Control. If you have rheumatoid arthritis and take immunosuppressant drugs such as corticosteroids or methotrexate (Trexall®), you're more susceptible to catching the flu.

Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of death from cancer for men and women in the U.S. For years, pancreatic cancer and diabetes have been linked, but it still remains unclear about whether one disease causes the other. Last year there were over 42,000 new cases of pancreatic cancer diagnosed in the U.

Electric Shock Therapy and Depression Treatment

Six days after receiving electric shock therapy for depression, renowned writer Ernest Hemingway killed himself. He'd suffered severe memory loss after the treatment. Although mental health professionals are well aware of the severe side effects associated with this electric shock therapy, some regard it as one of the best treatments for severe depression, especially when antidepressants and counseling are not effective.

The Best Natural Flu Remedies

Looking for natural flu remedies? Seasonal flu may be taking a backseat to the H1N1 virus with health officials these days, but it's still a concern for you and your family. The flu causes symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, fever, chills, body aches and pains, loss of appetite, and pneumonia.

Could Your Hair Dye Be Harming Your Health?

If you're like 70 percent of American women (and a small number of men), coloring your hair is a regular part of your beauty routine. But whether you entrust your hue to a pricey salon or are a do-it-yourself home colorist, you may have wondered whether all that color applied to your scalp and hair might possibly be bad for your health.

Secondhand Smoke Linked to Depression

You probably already know that secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer, trigger asthma attacks, and increase your risk of allergies, respiratory irritation and infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Now, a study presented at the annual American Psychomatic Meeting shows that smoking can make you more likely to suffer from depression.

Simple Steps to Senior Fitness

Most seniors are aware that exercise is good for them. What they may not realize, though, is that it's never too late to start (as long as they check with their doctor first). So, whether you're a senior yourself or have a special one in your life, read on for simple ways to get in shape.

The Worst Foods for Your Skin

Generally, if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, it will show on your face. Scientists have argued for years over the link between diet and skin problems, though there are some things that everyone agrees can negatively impact your skin's appearance and aggravate existing problems.

7 Tips for Running Success

Even daily runners need to watch their step to avoid injury, boredom and losing their love of the sport .Running the same route every day is good for you but without some variation, you end up going nowhere.  Running experts say the best plan for daily runners is just that:  a plan.

Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatments

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of malignancy for men behind skin cancer in statistics held by the American Cancer Society. Researchers have set out to determine whether some alternative prostate cancer treatments, such as DHEA, lycopene and acupuncture, can be effective.

Varicose Veins: Causes and Cures

If you've noticed blue or red bulging or branching veins in your legs or face, you're not alone. According to The National Women's Health Information Center, more than half of all American women have problems with varicose and/or spider veins. When too much pressure is placed on the veins, the valves stretch and allow blood to pool.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers: How Food Can Protect Your Bones

When you have rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation releases enzymes that eat away at cartilage and bone in your joints. Keeping this autoimmune condition under control through medication and exercise are essential to protecting your bones. However, you're probably familiar with the old adage "you are what you eat?" This holds true especially when you're battling a chronic disease.

Are You Addicted to Tanning Beds?

You know that relaxed, slightly euphoric feeling you have when you leave the tanning salon? It's not just in your head. Believe it or not, tanning is on the growing list of addictive behaviors. If you tan in a salon, you're not alone. More than one million Americans seek that day-in-the-sun look year-round.

Nursing: How it Benefits You and Your Baby

A Healthy Start There has been much publicity lately about the fact that nursing provides the very healthiest start for your newborn baby. In fact, deciding to nurse is one of the most important decisions about motherhood you will make. This is because the impact of your choice of nutrition can affect everything from how well your baby thrives in infancy to how much he or she weighs later in life.

Best Foods for Healthy Sperm

You may never complain about eating a bunch of broccoli or filling up on fruits again. There's new evidence that antioxidants may be the best foods for healthy sperm and improve the ability to reproduce. Scientists have been trying to get to the bottom of a worrying trend--the decline in the quality of semen and sperm, and male fertility in recent decades.

Children s Dental Care: Tips to Keep Their Teeth Healthy

Many parents think that they don't need to worry that much about dental care until their children get their adult teeth-but the experts say that by then, it's often too late. In fact, it's important to start teaching your child good oral health from a very young age.

Fibromyalgia: Foods that Help, Foods that Hurt

Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune condition that causes symptoms such as chronic muscle and joint pain, headaches, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, poor concentration and even depression. Currently, there is no cure for fibromyalgia, and because of the diversity of the symptoms caused by the condition, treatment approaches vary considerably.

Coping with Common Lupus Symptoms and Treatments

Nearly 90 percent of people with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) experience joint pain, joint stiffness and muscle pain; skin rashes affect up to 75 percent. Try these tips to cope with these common lupus symptoms. JOINT PAIN AND STIFFNESS Joint pain and stiffness are among the earliest lupus symptoms, and can target any joint in the body, but usually the hands, wrist and feet at the onset of disease.

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