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10 Everyday Habits That Hurt Your Teeth

Your teeth were built to last a lifetime. That is, unless you treat them poorly. Are you guilty of any of these offenses? Crunching ice. They may be called chompers, but teeth aren't made to crush solid objects like ice. The American Dental Association advises against biting and chewing hard objects such as ice and hard candy.

Your Quick Guide to Cholesterol Meds

If you have high cholesterol and diet and exercise aren't getting your levels back into the safety zone, your doctor may prescribe a cholesterol medication to help you get the situation under control. Goals of Cholesterol Medications There are a number of different types of prescription cholesterol treatments currently on the market.

Why Is Whooping Cough Back?

It can start insidiously, with nothing more than symptoms of a cold. But if the diagnosis turns out to be whooping cough, it's a serious and sometimes life-threatening illness. Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is increasingly common in the United States, with frequent and troublesome outbreaks.

Can Your Own Food: Low Cost and Healthy

Canning, which means preserving food in metal cans or glass jars, can be a great way to save money and maintain foods' nutrients for far longer than would normally be possible. Imagine savoring the sweetness of a peach in the dead of winter, or having homemade jam to spread on your toast every morning.

CrossFit: Is This the Workout for You?

Imagine this: You enter a windowless garage. The air is saturated with the must of sweat and the sound of barbells clamoring to the floor. While this may sound more like a scene from Rocky or Arnold Schwarzenegger's Pumping Iron, for many Americans, it is a recurring image.

Here's Why You Sneeze, Cough, Hiccup, and Burp

The human body is a fascinating machine capable of accomplishing complex tasks ranging from the physical, running a marathon; to the intellectual, solving math proofs; to the emotional, maintaining deep personal connections with others. No other creature on the planet is able to achieve what humans can, and yet it is some of the simpler, more innocuous actions that are the most captivating.

Smart to Sleep When You Commute?

If you've ever commuted by public transportation, you understand the temptation to close your eyes and catch a few winks. Whether you rise before dawn to catch the train to the city or make the last bus home after an evening meeting, chances are you're tired as you travel.

The Sepsis Epidemic

An estimated 750,000 Americans get sepsis each year—and 28 and 50 percent of these people will die from the infection. What's more, the number of patients being treated for sepsis has increased at an increasingly staggering cost—$17 billion dollars a year—due to a prolonged hospital stay to treat the condition.

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