September 8-14, 2013 - Original Health Articles

Advanced Prostate Cancer: New Treatment Options

The latest advances in disease management are making it possible for men with advanced stages of prostate cancer to live longer and with less pain. Offering New Hope for Patients "Things have changed so dramatically for people with advanced prostate...

7 Easy Ways to Enjoy Doing Nothing

When's the last time you sat back, tuned out, and let your mind go blank? If you're unable to even remember the last time you did absolutely nothing at all, it may be time to start planning to do just that. Experts say that rather than being unproductive, doing nothing can reduce stress, help you heal faster, and contribute to a sense of well-being.

Telling Your Kids You Have Cancer

For a parent, there may be nothing scarier than being diagnosed with a serious illness. In addition to your own fears for the future, you're worrying about your children: How will they manage when you're sick? Should you keep your game face on or do you...

The Pepper and Parkinson's Connection

You already know that bell peppers are rich in disease-fighting antioxidants. They also contain nicotine, which (while it's extremely dangerous in cigarettes) may decrease your risk of getting Parkinson's disease when it is eaten, according to a new study published online in the Annals of Neurology.

Beauty Trend to Try: A Back Facial

You get regular facials to purify the skin on your face. But do you take as much care with the skin on other areas of your body? The skin on your back can be especially prone to breakouts, blackheads, clogged pores, and other imperfections, and it can also be difficult to reach yourself.

Home Birth: Is It Right for You?

It's not for everyone. But for an expectant mom who wants to give birth in familiar surroundings, have more control over various aspects of the birthing process, and avoid medical interventions such as drugs, home birth may be a viable option. And it's an option more pregnant women are choosing.

Everything You Need to Know About Midwives

Pregnant women and their families often turn to midwives for more personal care than they can normally expect to receive from a clinic or hospital. But if you're not familiar with midwifery practices, you may be unfamiliar with what a midwife actually does and how qualified she is to do it.

7 Myths About Ticks

Think you know all there is to know about ticks, those little creatures that spread Lyme disease and other illnesses? You might be surprised at how much misinformation is out there. 1. Myth: Deer are the host for all ticks. Fact: The black-legged tick, or "deer tick," does commonly attach itself to deer in certain regions, such as the East Coast and Upper Midwest.

Is Work-Life Balance a Myth?

Are you struggling to balance your work and personal life? You're not alone. It's not just parents who are juggling career, family, and personal time. Younger adults and boomers, who also find themselves working longer hours, are seeking more flexibility and balance.

5 Habits to Help You Get (and Stay) Organized

The market for home organizing products in the U.S. is growing rapidly, reflecting our collective penchant for purchasing stuff, which creates clutter-filled homes and an organizing nightmare for many of us. While organizational tools, such as storage bins, are helpful, they are just that—tools.

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