Healthy Aging - Health Expert Q&As

How long should I wait before dating again after my divorce?

Recovery from a bad relationship requires time plus serious self-examination.

I spend hours reading online dating profiles without any luck. How can I improve my chances of making a good match?

Online dating can be a good starting point, but speaking and meeting several times are your best ways to assess a person.

Help! How do I avoid having "mental meltdowns" from too much stress?

If you're on stress overload, two of the top things you should do are to take a breath and prioritize.

I've starting taking care of my ailing mom, and it's taking a toll on my marriage. How can I find a balance?

If you are a caregiver to a family member, it's not selfish to want to tend to your own needs and whims.

How can I speak to my mother about assisted living without her becoming hostile?

Psychologist Dr. Edward H. Rudow answers a reader's question about approaching the subject of assisted living.

How should my wife and I start planning for our retirement?

Dr. James Gambone, a nationally recognized aging and intergenerational expert, answers a reader's question about planning for an active, healthy retirement.

Should my elderly parents still be driving?

Eldercare expert Joanne Hill answers a reader's question about concerns regarding her parents' driving abilities.

How can my husband and I keep our aging brains active without adding to our already stressful lives?

Author Kathy Laurenhue, M.A., answers a reader's question about how her and her husband can keep their aging brains active.

How can I help my elderly mother communicate with her doctor?

Elder-care expert Joanne Hill answers a reader's question about improving communication between senior patients and their doctors.

When should I start thinking about an estate plan?

Linda S. Thompson, author, answers a reader's question about when to begin thinking about an estate plan.