Taking addictive, narcotic medication can have terrible and dangerous risks. Addiction is a very serious possibility. Addiction is so common that there is a market for programs to help resolve addiction to pain medication. The troublingl part of the situation is that the physicians performing the detox programs are the very physicians who contributed to the addiction in the first place.

Other medications have other severe risks and side affects.  Having surgery is always risky. In the case of pain, having surgery seems to have an even greater risk. It is estimated that almost 50 percent of all neck and back surgeries end up with the patient having the same level of pain or worse. These are not percentages that indicate that the cause of pain is properly understood. The balance of the treatments available is not necessarily a risk to your health. The risk is in the fact that they don't attempt to address the cause of pain so there is a severely increased risk that your pain will continue and you will have to suffer for a longer period of time.

Mitchell Yass is a licensed Physical Therapist, founder of PT2 Physical Therapy and Personal Training, and author of Overpower Pain: The Strength Training Program that Stops Pain without Drugs or Surgery. His pain resolution program is helping thousands of people avoid unnecessary drugs and surgery, freeing them from pain indefinitely.For more information, visit: http://www.mitchellyass.com/