Beautiful eyelashes can make you feel more attractive. That's why many women devote time every morning to curling their lashes and applying layers of mascara. But what if you could wake up with your eyes already looking their best? An eyelash perm can help you accomplish this.

What Is a Lash Perm?

As the name implies, an eyelash perm is a procedure that gives long-lasting curl to your lashes, providing drama and flattering, eye-framing effects. The process consists of rolling the lashes over a flexible rod and setting it with solution. This will help your lashes maintain the curl once the rod is removed, explains Lynda Ivans, master esthetician and owner of Seattle Beautiful Skin.

Benefits of Eyelash Perming

According to Ivans, an eyelash perm:

  • Can shave time off of your daily beauty routine. An eyelash perm can be done in about an hour and it lasts for the life of the lash follicle, which is about three months.

  • Will enhance your eyes. Curled lashes will frame your eyes and help them stand out.

  • Can curl even resistant lashes. Many women whose lashes won't hold a curl with a hand-held tool find their lashes respond well to the perm.

  • May be less irritating than other options. Some women find that using an eyelash curler and mascara bothers the eyes and/or is rough on the lashes. An eyelash perm can give your eyes a break, as long as the perming solution doesn't irritate them.

  • May make mascara unnecessary. Many salons also offer eyelash tinting, which darkens your lashes so you don't have to apply mascara. A combination of eyelash perm and tinting will add extra oomph to your eyes as well as simplify your beauty routine.

Eyelash Perming Cons

However, there are also some drawbacks:

  • Not all eyelash perms are created equal. The success of the eyelash perm can depend on the skill of the technician, so Ivans says it's important to find someone who comes highly recommended.

  • Some women with allergies or sensitive eyes may not be able to tolerate the lash perm. Check with your allergist or dermatologist first, and/or have a patch test done to see how you'll handle the procedure before you get it done. (You can also check with the US Food and Drug Administration's website for safety advice before trying any eye cosmetics or procedures.)

  • Maintaining an eyelash perm is an ongoing expense. The cost for perming and tinting (which often can be done together) ranges from $20 to $100+, depending on the salon. You'll need to repeat the procedure at least four times a year to keep it up.

  • DIY isn't recommended. Although you may be tempted to try to perm your lashes on your own, Ivans says that since it's done on the delicate eye area, you should leave this to the professionals.

Lynda Ivans reviewed this article.



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