Eating and Nutrition - Original Articles

What the Health Experts Are Eating This Thanksgiving

Find out what these health pros will be enjoying on turkey day.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Your protein needs change as you age. Find out how much of the nutrient you and your family members need.

6 Healthy (and Simple) Supermarket Food Finds

Quick and easy menu ideas.

Your Guide to 8 Popular Coffee Drinks

From Americanos to macchiatos.

Resistant Starch: What it Is and How it Could Improve Your Health

Starches have a bad reputation. But resistant starches go against the grain.

DIY a Healthier Pumpkin Spice Latte

Keep the spicy autumn treat, lost the extra sugar and fat.

Eat Smarter: The FDA Gets Ready to Give Food Labels a Face Lift

Food labels are changing. Learn how these changes can help you make healthier choices.

Deviled Eggs: Have Egg Yolks Been Demonized?

This breakfast table basic has stood the test of time. But exactly how healthy are eggs?

Soylent: The Food to Replace Other Foods?

If meal prep is driving you mad, you may want to consider this total meal replacement product.

Is Fat Really Bad for You?

Which types of dietary fat are good for you, which types are bad, and how much is too much?

Milk Myths and Facts

The skinny on whole vs. skim, and more.

Is There a Link Between Diet and Constipation?

Can you eat for regularity? Find out more.

5 Reasons to Eat More Fish

Explore the sea for dinner options—your body will thank you.

The Best Cheeses for You

Love cheese but afraid it’ll derail your diet? Read on!

Can Sugar Make You Fat?

There’s no fat in sugar, but the sweet stuff can certainly make you fat. Here’s the skinny on sugar and weight.

8 Superfoods for Super Health

Make these nutrient-rich foods a part of your diet, and reap the results.

Chia: The Super Seed You Need to Eat

You may have heard of chia, but just what is this super seed?

4th of July Foods: What to Eat, and What to Avoid

Your guide to a healthy—and delicious—celebration.

Snack Swap: Snack Smarter With These 6 Healthy Choices

Processed high-calorie snacks are everywhere and oh-so easy to grab when that mid-afternoon lull hits. But these healthier options will leave you satisfied.

6 Foods That Will Boost Your Mood

Next time you’re having a bad day, try one of these mood-boosting foods. Emotional eating has never been so healthy.

Diabetes and the Mediterranean Diet

Why this popular diet may help prevent diabetes and help those who already have the disease control their symptoms.

Caffeine: The Good, The Bad And The Unhealthy

Many of us start our day with a cup, but when we start relying on coffee to feel awake and energized, we're addicted to the caffeine it contains.

How to Indulge Without Overdoing It

Too much food and drink is bad for your health and can even shorten your lifespan.

5 Heart-Healthy Ways to Prepare Chicken

Chicken is on just about every list of heart-healthy foods, but if you don't prepare it correctly, you risk damaging its reputation for being low in calories, fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

5 Easy Ways to Make Healthy Food More Exciting

If you're under the impression that food has to be tasteless to be healthy, you're mistaken. Say goodbye to bland with these delicious and inspiring ideas that will make it easier to resist ordering pizza again.

A Simple Guide to Carb Counting for People With Diabetes

Keeping track of carbohydrate intake is essential for those of us with diabetes: Because carbs break down into glucose, they have a big impact on blood sugar levels. And thanks to today's technology, tracking carb intake has never been easier.

5 Ways to Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes

That rise in blood sugar after a meal? It's normal even in healthy individuals. But if you have diabetes, that rise can be dangerous. Here’s how to manage post-prandial spikes and the dips that follow.

5 Heart-Healthy Ways to Use Garlic

It's tough to beat the health benefits of garlic—it fights inflammation, cancer, hypertension, and even has anti-coagulating properties. Read on for delicious ways to incorporate more garlic into your diet.

5 Heart-Healthy Ways to Enjoy Kale

Kale is a versatile, nutrient-packed powerhouse that may be the healthiest food in your fridge. Learn how to enjoy this dark green oxidant-fighting machine.

Juicing vs. Eating Raw: What's Better for Diabetes Management?

Some say juicing is an effective way of warding off chronic diseases. Others say eating whole foods is the better route to go. Who's right?

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