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Control Your Asthma Through Yoga

If asthma is stopping you from achieving your fitness goals, exercises that strengthen your lungs can be what it takes to regain some control. Many professional athletes have asthma and have found ways to overcome this challenge, so you're not alone in the struggle.

Make Your Bedroom a Haven for Sleep

Many factors affect your quality of sleep. The state of the room you sleep in is one of them. Creating the right environment is essential for getting a good night's sleep. Lighting, room temperature, noise level, air quality and your choice of bedding all contribute to slumber quality.

Is Addiction Hereditary?

Generally, society harshly judges people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. We tend to assume these individuals have a character flaw or personality weakness. Addiction, however, is a very real and complex disease, just as heart disease is. Scientists now know that family history is a strong predictor of who is most at risk for becoming addicted.

What's Causing Your Foot Pain?

When your heels hurt, your arches ache or your toes are tender, it's hard to put your best foot forward.  Fixing foot pain starts with determining what's causing it.  We've got your foot pain primer to help you take the first step toward feeling better.

5 Common Causes of Bloody Stools

Blood in the stools can be a frightening to see. While some causes of bloody stools are harmless such as hemorrhoids, other reasons for bloody stools can mean a more serious illness like colon cancer. If you notice blood or color changes in your stool, see your doctor immediately to rule out a serious problem.

Burn More Calories With Shapewear

Could getting in shape be as simple as slipping on an extra layer? Quite possibly, if that layer is a certain brand of shapewear. But before you head out to the mall, see what scientists and fitness experts are saying about calorie-burning shapewear. Lots of women wear shapewear to smooth out bumps and rolls for a slimmer, fitter appearance.

Can Chia Seeds Help You Lose Weight?

The same seeds that sprouted hair on your childhood chia pet are now being promoted as a weight loss tool that suppresses appetite and provides a host of health benefits on the side. But are they really more than just a novelty item? Chia seeds, also known as Salvia hispanica, are similar to flax seeds in terms of their nutrient composition and how they can be used in food.

5 Daily Habits to Reduce Pain

If pain is part of your daily life, you're not alone and you're not helpless. Millions of people who suffer from arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, back pain, and other chronic pain conditions live with some level of pain every day. Those who function the best know there are many things they can do to live well and thrive, despite their condition.

The Facts about Allergy Shots

Sometimes allergies can be too much to handle. If that's the case for you, it may be time to consider allergy shots or injections (also called immunotherapy). An allergy shot or immunotherapy helps build up tolerance and reduce your immune system's reaction to certain triggers.

How Ragweed Allergies Can Affect Your Mood

If you're allergic to ragweed, the onset of the fall can be a season of never ending itchiness and a terrible time of coughing and sneezing. Ragweed allergies affect as many as 20 percent of Americans. This common weed is prevalent in open fields and rural areas, but even city dwellers aren't immune to experiencing effects either.

When School Causes Tension or Migraine Headaches

Each school year brings many opportunities for learning and making new friends for your child. But if he suffers from school-related stress, it may also mean coping with frequent headaches. Kids and Tension Headaches Tension headaches are quite common among school-age children and adolescents.

Michael Douglas's Battle: Understanding Throat Cancer

More than 20 years after Michael Douglas won an Oscar for Best Actor in the hit movie Wall Street, the actor is back in the limelight with the long-awaited sequel, Wall Street 2, and his recent announcement that he is battling stage IV throat cancer. After complaining of a persistent sore throat, Douglas made numerous visits to doctors before they discovered a walnut-sized lump on the back of his tongue.

Watching Sports May Be Bad for Your Heart

Can the excitement of watching heart-pounding sports matches be bad for your heart? According to research published in The New England Journal of Medicine, the answer is yes. A group of German researchers compared cardiac events in Munich during the five weeks of the 2006 World Cup, held in Germany, to the number of cardiac events during other times of the year and found that on the days the German team played, cardiac emergencies more than tripled for men and nearly doubled for women.

The Link Between Diabetes and Arthritis

It seems like such a cruel double whammy. More than half of all Americans who have diabetes also have arthritis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Just what causes the two to be present together is unclear. "We don't have any evidence that diabetes causes arthritis or that arthritis causes diabetes," Chad Helmick, MD, medical epidemiologist for the arthritis program at the CDC, told the Wall Street Journal.

The Pros and Cons of Perfectionism

You must do the right thing the first time. Nothing good comes from making mistakes. Are you nodding your head as you read these statements? These are classic thoughts of the perfectionist. A perfectionist is someone who constantly strives to achieve extremely high standards.

Just Hit 40? 7 Tune-Up Tips

Any guy will tell you that once your car hits a certain mileage, it's wise to take it in for a tune-up. Well, the same goes for your body. Much like in your teens, your body goes through some significant changes when you hit your 40s and 50s. Here, we've outlined seven steps you can take to help ensure your health well into your golden years.

The Dangers of Being Cynical

Do you believe that most people will tell a lie if they think they can gain by it? If you answered yes to this question, chances are you have a bit of a cynical streak. The dictionary defines cynicism as a bad attitude, a belief in bad outcomes, resentment, sarcasm, or suspicion.

10 No-Sweat Ways to Burn Calories

It's no secret that good old fashioned exercise will help you burn calories and lose weight. But did you know that there are plenty of sweat-free ways to get similar results? Here, 10 sneaky calorie-burners that won't leave you reaching for your deodorant: 1.

Understanding Aneurysms and Aortic Disease

Aortic disease is known as a silent epidemic because each year nearly 47,000 Americans die from the disorder, making it more deadly than breast cancer, AIDS, homicides, or motor vehicle accidents. And that figure is expected to rise as the population ages.

The 4 Best Supplements for Fibromyalgia

There are many ways to approach chronic conditions like fibromyalgia. Many patients find relief with complimentary and alternative practices including Chinese herbal medicine and vitamin supplements. While there's no regulation on the safety and efficacy of these over-the-counter products, many patients swear by them.

What to Look for in a Walking Shoe

Walking is the most natural exercise on earth but the right shoe can make your efforts go further and even help prevent injury. But with so many options available, how do you know which pair buy?  Don't worry: We've got your walking shoe primer right here.

Social Life's Impact on Cancer

Does an active, engaging social life benefit people with cancer? Some researchers conclude there's a high probability that it does. In a recent experiment, mice with cancer lived in cages surrounded by other mice instead of living in isolation. The researchers referred to this as an "enriched environment.

The Link Between Depression and Diabetes

"It's believed that as many as 25 percent of people with diabetes struggle with depression," says Peter Sheehan, MD, president of the New York City leadership board of the American Diabetes Association and a consultant whose company is called Sheehan Health Management Consulting.

2 Pains You Mustn't Ignore When Working Out

If you know the physiology of exercise, it's no wonder you feel pain when you work out. Every time you work a muscle, tiny holes are made in the tissue-the harder you push them, the bigger the holes. After your workout when you're at rest, your body then goes through a healing period, fixing the holes, and making them stronger.

What You Need to Know About Capsule Endoscopies

Capsule endoscopy is a new diagnostic procedure that evaluates three portions of the small intestine including the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum-an area that isn't easily reached by more traditional endoscopy methods. The test enables doctors to check for the cause of gastrointestinal bleeding.

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