Tips for Traveling with Asthma

While packing for vacation, you probably wish you could leave your asthma behind. Unfortunately, asthma symptoms go with you wherever you go. In fact, a change of weather and location can even make your respiratory problems more severe.

This doesn't mean you need to forego your desire to explore the world. When traveling with asthma, you just need to be prepared by bringing along the right tools and medications, and the right tools needed to breathe well wherever you go.

Think Ahead

What normally triggers your respiratory problems? Knowing this information will help you avoid circumstances that are likely to make you wheeze. For instance, when possible, choose destinations with low humidity and low pollution rates.

Further, if you plan to head to a warm climate for a winter vacation, you may find that seasonal triggers and the dramatic changes in temperature can be an issue. Therefore, you'll need to take it slow and easy to let your respiratory system adjust. Also, stick with activities that won't over-tax your body. Walking, biking, light hiking, and snorkeling are usually well tolerated by asthmatics, while running, scuba diving, and other strenuous sports may be harder for your lungs to take.

Also, select accommodations that are as allergy-proof as possible to minimize triggering a flare-up of asthma. Request a room that's free of cigarette residue and pet hair and that's away from the pool to avoid dampness and mold. When you arrive, consider running the air conditioning to help clean the air.

Stay on Track

While you may be tempted to relax your standards while away home, when you travel, it's actually essential to follow your Asthma Action Plan. You'll need to monitor your breathing and recognize any potential problems. Adjust your medication and head off problems as early as you can.

In addition, be sure to carry your medication with you.. This will ensure that you'll have it when you need it, even if your luggage gets lost or stolen along the way.

Play it Safe

If your asthma has been acting up recently, get a checkup before you leave home so your doctor can adjust your medicine and try to get your condition back under control. In addition, bring your allergist's phone number with you in case of an emergency. Many people who travel with asthma also recommend taking the time in advance to research the name and contact information of an allergist local to your destination, just in case you run into any serious problems away from home. By taking these essential steps, you'll be able to travel with asthma without experiencing any unnecessary complications.


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