Trusted Asthma Tips

On Facebook, we asked parents of children with asthma to give us their best asthma-care tips. From freezing your pillows to sharing a written action plan with your school, moms responded with creative, take-charge solutions:

Roll Up Windows
Drive with your windows up, not down. My 5 year old can't take all the outside pollution. -Shannon, September 30 at 4:04pm

Bend with Yoga
My 4 year old is learning yoga and it's made such a huge improvement in his breathing and asthma... -Leslie, September 30 at 4:33pm

Get Adjusted
I took my son to the chiropractor. It worked for him! He started when he was 2 years old. -Mary, September 30 at 5:36pm

Smoke-Free Clothes
I've found even the smell of smoke on your clothes can bother your child's asthma. -Donna, September 30 at 5:39pm

An Eye on Flares
Watch for allergy induced flares. Things like Latex balloons, avocado, nuts, or MSG could contribute to an asthma attack. -Renee, September 30 at 6:58pm

Look in the Attic
Try to change to allergen-free products in your home. I recently changed our attic insulation to formaldehyde-free. -Joie, September 30 at 8:29pm

Temper the Temperature
Avoid sudden temperature, changes especially from warm to cold. -Raquel, September 27 at 5:18pm

Brew a Cup
Drinking a cup of cold coffee helped my niece when she was having an attack. -Bobbie September 27 at 10:26pm

Eat Preservative Free
For my daughter, I try not to give her food that contains preservatives. I pay special attention when we go to the salad bar. -Michele, October 6, 1:30pm

Limit Dairy
When he's had an attack, we stay away from dairy products for several hours -Mariah, October 6, 1:30pm

Snack Healthy
I've heard certain ingredients in soda and also many snack foods like chips can trigger symptoms, so we try to keep those out of our home. -Susan, October 6, 3:25pm

Minimize Mites
Get rid of carpeting and curtains-things that attract dust. Minimize the number of stuffed animals and wash them weekly. Vacuuming rather than sweeping also works well in my household. -Maricel, September 23 at 11:45pm

Use Cold Air
A blast of cold air constricts bronchial tubes. During winter, I take my son, wrapped in blanket or coat, outside to breathe the cold air and it gives him relief. You could also have your child inhale air from a freezer. -Patricia, September 24 at 12:02am

Clean Daily
Vacuum your mattresses, pillows, bedclothes, and rugs or carpets daily to prevent dust mites. Pillow and mattress protectors are also helpful. -Debra F., September 24 at 1:28am

Reduce Triggers
Remove triggers such as cats or other furry pets. Freeze pillows from time to time to kill dust mites. Use air conditioners and air cleaners often. -Debra H., September 24 at 7:21am

Be Observant
Watch your child closely to catch an attack before it escalates. Have a written asthma care plan: what to do for mild, moderate, and severe attacks. It only takes about four minutes to suffocate and a lot of panic can ensue in those critical minutes. -Patricia, September 24 at 11:32am

Keep Calm, Be Prepared
Be prepared and act quickly. Be calm, your panic can aggravate the situation by making your child even more distressed. -Nancy, September 24 at 2:43pm

Have Inhaler in Hand
Listen to your doctors. Always carry your child's inhaler. And at school, make sure the teachers know she has an inhaler. -Ellin, September 24 at 3:03pm

Make a School Plan
Have an action plan set up for school support. Your child should have rescue medication on them, not in the school secretary's desk! For inhalers that are not powdered, always use a spacer and make sure you and your child know how to use it properly. -Claudia, September 24 at 6:59pm

Stand Up
Your child should use his inhaler while standing up. -Claudia, September 24 at 6:59pm

Go with Shades
Wash bedding in hot water. Vacuum like crazy if you have carpets. Get rid of curtains and go with shades. It's easier to keep the dust off shades. -Tonya, September 27 at 11:37am

No Smoking
Don't smoke at all. -Fern, September 27 at 3:31pm

Get Mite Protection
I swear by dust mite protective pillow, mattress, and box spring covers. -Margaret, September 27 at 3:34pm

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