As the saying goes, "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." But when you're picking between two very similar jobs, how do you know which one you'll love? One key difference to consider is benefits. Do you need health care coverage? Dental? Paid vacation days? With the job market the way it is, it seems like you may not have much choice. But some companies still offer great employee benefits. Here, a list of the most creative, and beneficial, perks that companies offer.

1. Medical Facilities. Named number one in Fortune's 2008 "100 Best Companies to Work For," Google has been pampering employees since the dot-com boom. They offer a myriad of great benefits, including on-site medical and dental facilities. Some federal government agencies (which are already known for their good health benefits) also offer on-site medical facilities.

2. Fully Paid Healthcare. As costs for health coverage rise, more and more employers are beginning to cut back on what they offer their employees. But some companies, like real estate corporation Staubach Company, and several grocery chains, including Nugget Markets, Whole Foods, and Stew Leonard's, pay 100 percent of health insurance costs for their workers.

3. Fitness Rooms. Want to take a swim at work? Or go rock climbing?  Employees at SAS Institute, a software company, can unwind after work at the pool, or play racquetball, or practice their swings on the putting green. The Wellness Exchange, a program at Goldman Sachs, offers a rock-climbing wall, martial arts boot camp, and even help in quitting smoking. And eBay employees have the option of heading to a mediation and prayer room to help relax during the day.

4. Daycare. No sitter? No problem. Many workplaces, like the Arkansas Children's Hospital, are beginning to offer on-site babysitter services that ease some of that working parent pressure. S.C. Johnson (the company that makes Ziploc bags and Glade Plugins) in Wisconsin not only offers day-care during office hours but also has a "date-time" option that allows parents to go out with their significant others.

5. Environmental Assistance. Some companies want to make sure the air their employees breathe is fresh and clean. Employees at Timberland, a boot and shoe company located in New Hampshire, can receive a $3,000 credit when they purchase a hybrid car. At Yahoo! headquarters in California, workers can commute to and from the office in a free biodiesel (and Wi-Fi enabled) bus.

6. Vacation Time. Some of us are happy to get five days paid vacation. But that's child's play for employees at Homestead Technologies in California. Employees have the opportunity to earn paid winter vacations from Christmas to New Year's Day, get a paid day-off for birthdays, and have unlimited paid sick days. At the Rand Corporation, a nonprofit research group, employees get paid slightly more when they're on vacation. It's an incentive to get them to take some time off.

7. Food and Drinks. Unquestionably, this is the tastiest perk on the list. In addition to the other perks listed, Google provides free gourmet meals (up to three times a day) for all its employees. FactSet Research Systems, a financial data and software company, gives free lunches to its employees four days a week. And those who like to hit up the pub for a post-work drink might prefer to enjoy a cold, free beer on site. Boston Beer Co. makes free beer available after 4 p.m.

8. Globe Trotting. How's a free trip to Singapore, India, or China sound?  Real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle offers a global exchange program in which employees spend six months in any company office around the world. To encourage collaboration, managers nominate high performing employees who they believe would benefit from travel. If that's too far for you, how about being "kidnapped" and whisked away to somewhere fun? Once a year on "Kidnap Day" at Barkley, an advertising company in Kansas City, managers close down shop and take their employees away to an undisclosed location.