Your Spring Skin Survival Guide

The changes in season can bring welcome moisture to your skin-but also a whole new set of challenges. Follow these tips to put your freshest face (and body) forward.  

Slough Off Dry, Dead Skin

Months of dry air both indoors and out can leave your skin dull and pasty. Start your body on a regular exfoliation routine that includes dry brushing and salt scrubs 1-2 times a week.  To exfoliate your face, choose a gentle cleanser or cream containing alpha hydroxy acids to gradually restore its natural glow.

Spot Treat Your Hands, Elbows, Knees, & Feet

You may need a really deep moisturizer to help penetrate the layers of dryness that congregate in these areas. Rub these areas twice a day with an oil-rich ointment or even petroleum jelly, which the American Academy of Dermatology recommends for treating dry, cracked skin. For severe cases, apply the product to your hands or feet, cover them in socks or gloves, and leave it on overnight.

Lighten Up Your Everyday Moisturizer

As humidity permeates the air, your skin may not require as heavy a moisturizer. If you notice that it feels greasy or you're experiencing breakouts, switch to a lighter moisturizer, especially during the day when temperature changes can make it harder to regulate your skin condition.

Get Allergies Under Control

Spring allergies can make your skin more susceptible to acne, eczema, and rosacea flare-ups, not to mention exacerbate sinus issues that can lead to puffy eyes and undereye circles. Speak to your doctor about prescription or over the counter medication to counteract your allergies. Particles in the air and soil can also cause reactions and rashes. Be sure to wear gloves when working outdoors and shower immediately afterwards.

Spring Clean Your Makeup Drawer

If you're switching to lighter foundation in the Spring, think twice about reaching for that old tube from last year. Most makeup should be replaced within a year of being opened. If your foundation doubles sun protection, be aware that the SPF effectiveness declines within a few months of opening it.

Protect Against the Sun

Whether you're starting the season with dry or newly exfoliated skin, it's more susceptible than ever to sunburn. Be sure to apply sunscreen or choose a daytime moisturizer with SPF.

Stay Away from Tanning

Feel like cringing when you see your white arms and legs first revealed after a long winter? Resist the urge to visit a tanning salon. The World Health Organization recently classified tanning beds in the same cancer threat group as asbestos and tobacco. Get your spring glow from a self-tanning cream.   


American Academy of Dermatology