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Chiropractic Care: Benefits Beyond the Back

Spinal manipulation is a helpful element of ongoing pain treatment for many. Learn what to expect from your visit to the chiropractor. Pain is never easy to live with, but pain has an important place in our lives. It can be a warning that we're harming our bodies or a sign that something isn't right and needs investigating. As we age, improper lifting, sharp or sudden movements, or participating in sports can strain or injure the soft tissue areas surrounding the spine—often resulting in acute pain lasting a days or weeks.

How Myofascial Release Could Relieve Your Pain

This form of massage combines the relaxation of yoga and the muscular benefits of physical therapy. Deep inside your muscles, wrapped around your nerves and nestled next to your bones is a protective layer of tissue called the fascia. Myo is a prefix that means, "related to muscle." Myofascia's job is to protect and help your muscles, nerves and bones to glide, move and function in harmony with each other.

Depression in Older Adults

It's common for seniors to experience sadness and grief, but when these feelings are persistent, they may be a sign of depression. Although depression is common among older Americans, experts say it's not just a normal part of the aging process. Whenever feelings of sadness and grief are persistent and interfere with daily activities, they may be signs of major depression--a disease that affects 1 to 5 percent of senior citizens in the mainstream community, the National Institute of Mental Health reports.

Potential Risks of Common Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

While over-the-counter pain relievers are convenient and readily available, they still come with certain risks. Aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen are readily available on your grocery and drug store shelves. No prescription is needed. Pop a couple and your pain, fever or headache disappear. While these common over-the-ounter (OTC) medications are generally safe, they're still powerful chemicals.

Health Concerns: How to Keep Family Updated

The Web offers many options for staying connected and keeping loved ones updated on your or your family member's health issues. These methods are fast, easy, and efficient, and you'll know your support network is right there with you as a part of your journey. When Jennifer Wilson Cooper learned she had ovarian cancer, she launched a blog as a way to share her story with others and to make it easy for friends and family to keep up with her progress. Little did she know she'd quickly-and dramatically-expand her circle of friends (you can follow Cooper's journey on her blog, Four Seeds, which is featured in Quality Health's free cancer newsletter and on the QualityHealth.

Hip Fractures 101

Learn more about what causes hip fractures and how you can prevent them from affecting you or a loved one. Anyone, at any age, can break a hip, although the injury is far more prevalent among those who are 65 and older. In fact, 95 percent of hip injuries occur in people who are over 65. Hip fractures are hard to ignore, as they usually cause severe pain in the hip and/or groin area.

Understanding Hip Pain

Hip pain is an increasingly common phenomenon that tends to occur with age. Find out what causes hip pain and what you can do about it. It's often said that aging tends to go hand-in-hand with a long list of ailments, and unfortunately, many people can add hip pain to that list. Hip pain can be extremely debilitating and uncomfortable, and it can occur for numerous reasons. The term "hip pain" generally refers to any pain in or around the hip joint.

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