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6 Hidden Allergy and Asthma Triggers

Learn to identify the most common culprits so you can breathe easier. For allergy sufferers, attacks can come on suddenly—and seemingly from out of nowhere. But experts are quick to point out that there are a host of hidden allergy triggers that may be causing your wheezing, sneezing, or other symptoms. According to the American Lung Association (ALA), allergy triggers can be hiding inside or outdoors.

12 Tips for an Allergy-Free Vacation

How to keep allergies and asthma from traveling with you. When vacations kick into high gear, allergies and asthma often follow suit. The good news? "There are steps you can take to minimize your symptoms," said Dr. Richard W. Weber, an academy leader and allergist in Denver, Colo. He recommends following these tips from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology: Consider visiting your allergist or immunologist for a physical if you're planning to go on a long vacation.

Avoiding Classroom Allergies and Asthma

10 back-to-school tips. For nearly nine million American children, going back to school presents questions beyond what to wear or bring. Are there peanuts in that birthday treat from a classmate? Will running in gym class trigger asthma? Could a bee sting during recess cause anaphylactic shock? Despite all the things confronting them, you can take steps to ensure your kids don't fall prey to schoolhouse allergies and asthma.

Hay Fever Vaccinations: Your Best Shot at Getting Allergies Under Control

What if you could end your hay fever (allergic rhinitis) symptoms for good? A new hay fever vaccine could make this possible by preventing or reducing common seasonal allergy symptoms in just a few easy steps. What if you could end your hay fever (allergic rhinitis) symptoms for good? A new hay fever vaccine could make this possible by preventing or reducing common seasonal allergy symptoms in just a few easy steps. The Benefits Unlike medications that have...

Professional Golfers Refuse to Let Allergies Steer Them Off Course

There isn't much that can stop Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods not even the troublesome symptoms of a full blown allergy attack. Woods, who is considered the best professional golfer of all times, was born in 1975 and has secured his reputation during the short course of his career by his impressive talent securing a win on the golf course. In fact, the golfer, who is currently taking a hiatus from the sport to recover from a knee injury, has won a record-setting number of major tournaments.

Seasonal Allergies That Won t Go Away

Do your seasonal allergies seem to last forever? Do your symptoms remain even after the seasons change? If so, then you may actually be suffering from year-round allergies, not just seasonal ones. One out of every four Americans suffers from allergies and asthma caused by indoor and outdoor triggers, according to the Annual U.S. Prevalence Statistics for Chronic Diseases, and while the causes may be different, the symptoms often look and feel the same, making it had to differentiate between the two conditions.

Don't Let Your Houseplants Make You Sick

Your plants may not be as inconspicuous as you think. You may pride yourself on your green thumb, but if you find that your houseplants make your eyes and nose itch and turn red, you just may be allergic to them. The fact is that the soil contained in the plant pots can actually be a breeding ground for moisture and mold, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

10 Worst Cities for Fall Allergies

Is your city making you sneeze? High pollen and mold counts make some places worse than others. It's so uncomfortable. The watery eyes, the scratchy throat, the runny nose. The annoying (and sometimes, downright miserable) feelings associated with seasonal allergies are familiar to almost half of all Americans, according to a QualityHealth.com HealthOpin poll.

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