Fitness and Exercise - Health Expert Q&As

Is exercising safe when you have asthma?

Pulmonologist Dr. Jonathan Parsons answers a reader's question about whether or not it is safe to exercise with asthma.

I keep hearing about the benefits of weight lifting, but is 15 minutes of strength training a week enough?

Fitness trainer, Pet Cerqua, answers a reader's question about how often she needs to strength train to see results.

Lose 5 pounds in less than 5 minutes

Celebrity Personal Trainer Brooke Siler answers a reader's question about how to improve her posture.

I'm a female in my late 50's and am interested in starting an exercise program- -am I too old to start doing yoga?

Elena Brower, certified Anusara Yoga instructor, answers a reader's questions about beginning a yoga program.

How can I get my fitness motivation back?

Tamilee Webb, renowned fitness trainer, answers a reader's questions about how she can find her lost fitness motivation.

How to Get Flat Abs

Certified Personal Trainer Akil Ross answers a user's question about how to get a flat stomach—without doing hundreds of sit ups a day.

Can I lower my blood pressure naturally, without the use of prescription medications?

Merle Myerson, MD, EdD, FACC, answers a reader's question about lowering his blood pressure without the use of medication.

How can I reduce post-workout soreness?

Physical rehabilitation consultant, wellness advisor, and chiropractor Dr. Randi I. Ross answers a reader's question about fatigue and soreness after working out.

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