Green Product Reviews: Behind the Scenes of a Site

If you want to incorporate more "green" into your life, using a product-review web site is a good idea. After all, there are myriad products out there claiming to be natural and/or organic, and it can be difficult to tell the legitimate ones from the posers.

Additionally, you want to know if the truly eco-friendly ones are any good before you spend your hard-earned dollars. Can you trust the reviewers? Courtney Cordaro, founder of, a site that offers in-depth reviews of green products, from clothing to food to pet supplies and more, gives us the behind-the-scenes look.


Cordaro employs a small team of writers to help her discover the best natural products on the market. The writers do get some information about products from press releases and samples, but Cordaro likes to be proactive in her quest. "If there's something unique that someone has mentioned on social media, I'll definitely go contact them," she says.

She and her team recently went to their first "green" festival, which showcased an array of natural and organic products, and they have plans to attend another one. Cordaro also takes it upon herself to conduct online research to find green alternatives to conventional products of which she's fond.


Not every item that comes across Cordaro's desk passes muster. Upon initial inspection of a product's ingredient list or web site, it may be found to be "not eco-friendly enough," she says. If it looks good, Cordaro will give it to at least one writer to use for a month or more. This is important, she says, because sometimes a product takes time to grow on you: "I don't want that first kneejerk judgment."


Her site has a growing following, with good reason. Check out for terrific, healthful, and environmentally-friendly items you may never have known you needed. And become a Twitter follower-once the site hits 10,000 followers, it will offer a product giveaway.

Courtney Cordaro reviewed this article.