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Be Happy, Live Longer

Recent research has shown that those with a sunnier disposition may live longer.

5 Strategies to Prevent Heart Disease

It's the number one killer of women, but with the right lifestyle changes, you can significantly reduce your risk.

Can Exercise Banish Your Bad Mood?

Learn how fitness can have a positive effect on your mind.

5 Ways to Be Healthy Every Day

Incorporate these habits into your daily routine, and your body will reap the benefits.

Natural Remedies for Depression

Some simple lifestyle changes can significantly improve your mood.

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Your Arthritis Surgery

Asking these questions can give you the vital information you need.

The Top 4 Exercises for the Heart

Exercise of any kind is beneficial. Perform these specifically for a healthy heart.

4 Alternative Medicines for Cholesterol

When your total cholesterol level climbs above 240, it s time to take action to decrease your risk for a stroke or a heart attack.

Yoga: Improve Your Stress Management and Relaxation Skills

Sometimes escaping the daily grind doesn't require a tropical vacation.

Top 6 Fitness Trends for 2009

What does the year have in store for exercise enthusiasts?

Keep Your New Year's Resolutions Without Breaking the Bank

Your goals for the New Year shouldn't be costly. Read on for some tips on how to make the most of your resolution without spending a penny.

Stress and Heart Health: What's the Link?

Poor diet and lack of exercise aren't the only factors that can damage your heart. Your stress levels also play a huge role.

10 Dead-of-Winter Fitness Motivators

Follow these tips to keep your fitness levels up when temperatures drop.

5 Reasons Why Chocolate Can Be Good For You

This decadent dessert does more than just please your taste buds; it could benefit your health as well.

8 Best (and Healthiest) Job Perks

Sometimes you can get a little more than free coffee and bathroom privileges.

10 Fattest and Fittest Spots in the World

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, some countries are making the grade, while others are falling dangerously behind.

10 Fattest Cities in America

Although obesity is a national problem, certain cities tip the scales more than others.

10 Fattest Jobs in America for Men and Women

Sure, your diet and exercise schedules can contribute to your weight. But who knew that your job could, too?

10 Health Club Dos and Don'ts

How to spot the worst gym habits and what you can do to improve your own.

17 Slim-Down Secrets That Really Work

Tired of fad diets and bad weight-loss advice? These little-known secrets can help you shed big pounds.

22 Ways to Predict Your Life Span

Will you live to a ripe old age? Read on to calculate your odds.

5 Most Amazing Olympic Feats

These heavy medal Olympic winners have earned their place in history by proving their strength and endurance.

5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

Stuck in a diet rut? By asking yourself five simple questions, you may just be able to break the cycle.

6 Healthy Father's Day Gifts

The best present you can give Dad is the gift of health. Get inspired with these unique ideas.

6 Surefire Signs You're a Couch Potato

When you have a free afternoon do you go for a bike ride? Or do you sit in front of the TV? Your answer may reveal whether you're a couch potato.

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Weight Loss

Forget fad diets. Instead, follow these tips to boost your metabolism and watch the pounds melt away.

Are You a Pushy Sports Parent?

Youth sports can offer tremendous opportunities for friendship, fitness, and positive development--if parents practice good sportsmanship.

Bladder Leakage: Why the Embarrassment?

As common as the condition is, many women insist on keeping quiet about it. Here, we explore the reasons why.

Centenarian Secrets

More and more Americans are living to 100. Here, the secrets to their longevity.

Eight Ways To Get Fit In Retirement

You've got a financial plan for your golden years. What about a fitness plan?